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Finaly the new MCR of RTL4 television is ready. It was 6 months hard work, but the result is great. Peter helped RTL4 with the planning and the move of 13 Dishes, and the 'in-house' HF television net.Peter contacted TSS-Telecom to install the dishes. 'Video & Audio report' put Peter on the cover of their January edition.

The Belgian group K3 recorded a live DVD, Peter was asked by alfacam to do the shading.

Peter helped Stolk designing and building their 3rd SNG truck. It is on the road.

Peter made his 3rd film for Passoa, and he still doesn't drink.

The second COFDM transmitter that Peter has made for Videolink, is operational.

Peter placed a 7 Meter C-Band Dish for Maharishi.

During the FIFA WC Soccer 2006 Peter was in Germany doing uplink operations for Globo TV Brazil.

Peter was 3 weeks in Saudi Arabia as Video Engineer.

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