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Peter started his career at Heuvelman in 1987 as trainee. Later he joined the Cinevideogroup as ENG sound engineer, and learned the skills of Shading. Then he went to Intrax as a SNG operator were he was the first (and youngest) operator in the Netherlands who established a digital MPEG2 uplink in 1992.  He graduated for his Ham licence in 1991.

During his work for Intrax Peter started his own company in 1991 specialized in video productions. This was when he had 2 jobs simultaneously. He became well known in the uplink world, and worked all over Europe. Then in 1996 RTL4 asked him to join them as broadcast service-engineer and senior SNG operator. Later he joint the line coordination team of RTL4 and worked in their MCR. Peter spend a lot of time in the RTL4 studio’s in Hilversum

In 2002 Peter started to work for Videolink Holland as HF specialist. Having the video company as well, it was time for Peter to separate from RTL4 in 2004.

Now days he works as senior engineer and account manager for Videolink Holland. Also he works for OCS projects; a company who develops new technology for the broadcast world. He has a fully equipped HF measurement booth where he does measurements and maintenance on microwave video links. Peter can give training to your employees, and teach them the skills to become a field service-engineer, or SNG operator. Many SNG operators learned the skills from Peter and are working now all over Europe.

When Peter is not working he likes to play music as a party- DJ, or he is ballroom dancing with his dancing-partner Sarah